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    See why 5000+ Customers Love Us

    WOW!!! Never in a million years would I have ever got so many different feelings from a piece of art like this. I consider myself a man's man, and after making this mold with my little girl, it almost makes me feel as if I understand art.

    I bought this to make molds of my parents hands . My dad had cancer and he passed away in May but I got the mold done of his hand just in time. I will always be able to hold his hand. It really is a great product.

    This Product is absolutely incredible best momento money can buy of me and my 9 month old! The end results are amazing. Will definitely be purchasing more :)

    Trusted and Loved

    We are lucky to be trusted and loved by thousands of parents all around the world

    100% Result Guarantee

    If you aren't happy with the results we will send you a free replacement kit

    Wiggle Friendly

    Our casting materials are 100% skin safe, wiggle friendly, and easy to use.